Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass In Himanchal

If there is any other trek these days that everybody is crazy about then it is the rising star, Rupin Pass trek. A high pass that offers challenges, thrill, beauty, the experience of a lifetime! 
The well-known fact that makes this trek extraordinary is that the hike commences in Uttarakhand and finishes in Himachal Pradesh. That makes this a Trans Himalayan travel as it presents a variety of landscapes so different from each other – totally epic. Rupin River is seen throughout the trek which guides us to picturesque sites. It is an exceptional trek such that at 15,250 feet of elevation it is nestled between amazing sceneries. The trek is in Himachal Pradesh, the king of Himalayan beauty. The trek begins from a hamlet of Dhaula in Uttarakhand and the trail goes through Baspa valley to Sangla. Another advantage of the hike is that is still not that popular as other summer treks, therefore, comparatively there will fewer trekkers. This provides you solace with beauty and peaceful moments.  

The pathway to the pass is stunning with changing hues of vegetation and terrain. You will find numerous wooden bridges, snow bridges that will connect two stunning grounds. There will be expanded meadows of vibrant flowers and dense rhododendrons. You will be excited to see what comes next or what new thrill is enclosed further. There will green sceneries, brown mountains, snow laid pinnacles and glacier walks. We are sure every moment will be a surprise.

All of the unique shades of this trek are all seen in summer in full vibrance. Therefore, the summer months of May to June are perfect to experience the uniqueness of the Himalayas. Apart from the colourful alpine meadows, you will find huge marigold fields shining from distance and making the valley a cheerful place. The marigold cultivation of Mori village is remarkable, it will make the beginning of the hike memorable. Following this are tonnes of waterfalls, ancient Kinnaur style temples of Sewa village, deodar treks, walnut plantations and bright rhododendrons.

The architecture of Kinnar is world-famous and visitors are coming to the valley every year. Another attraction is the hanging village called Jhaka. It is an out of the world sight. The spiritual Kinnar Kailash will also be visible from various places on the trek. So, come to the wonderful Rupin trek this summer!

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